Superhero Day

Reception had a wonderful day saving toys and vegetables from the Evil Pea! We enjoyed taking part in Superhero PE, completing Superhero training in the outdoor area and playing Superhero party games.

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Year Six Celebrate!

Good News announced for Year Six!

Outdoor activities at the Scout Hut every Friday after Easter!

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Easter Cards Close Up!

Look at the detail in these beautiful Easter Cards.

The children have excelled themselves -

Well Done Cedar Class!

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Happy Easter From Bella and her chicks!

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Breakfast Bar Charts

In Maths, Year 4 have been learning about different types of charts. 

Today, Poplar class created a bar chart using their bodies on the playground! 

Have a look to see which was the most popular breakfast item. 

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Happy Easter from Cedar Class!

Our Easter Cards are all finished and ready to go home.

Happy Easter Everyone!

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Rocking Roman Day

Success! We finally got our Roman Day. All the children looked absolutely fantastic in their costumes. We had lots of fun learning some Latin, making catapults, Roman PE, Roman numerals and designing Roman menus.

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Local History

During lockdown, we gave Year Six the task of producing a project on a subject of their own choice. This was an extra challenge for those who wanted to go the 'extra mile'. One of our Year Six Learners decided to study the history of the Pleasure Beach. This excellent piece of work is extremely…

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Easter Blessings

Year 6 Easter Card 2021

This year our Easter card has a focus about hope. From the crucifixion of Jesus, the victory of his resurrection, to the hope for the future of all mankind.

The background of the card represents a rainbow which, during this time of uncertainty, symbolises our hope for…

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Stone Age Weapons

Our topic this term has been The Stone Age. 

In our DT lessons, we have designed and made our own Stone Age toolsand weapons! 

What do you think of our creations?

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Bumble Bee Kind

Tamarisk class have worked as a team to create this fantastic bumble bee!  

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What do we know about our major organs?

To begin our science topic about the circulatory system,

the children were asked to draw and position all the major organs

 on an outline of a human body. 

We then compared the results with the facts - a very interesting exercise! 

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