Striking and Fielding Champions!

Image of Striking and Fielding Champions!

20 Children represented Heyhouses at a Striking and Fielding festival for our local cluster. 

They came back CHAMPIONS! 

Well done everyone! 

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Ultimate Frisbee Workshop

Image of Ultimate Frisbee Workshop

All the Year 4 children spent their morning at an ultimate frisbee workshop.

They learnt different skills to throw and catch the frisbee.

We look forward to next week when we'll be learning more skills. 

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An Inspirational Day!

Image of An Inspirational Day!
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Image of TriKidz

The children were DELIGHTED and THRILLED to participate in a triathlon inspired workshop with Jahn and Sarah from TRIKIDZ! 

They participated in a swimming style activity, followed by static cycling and finished off with running. 

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Yes to Yoga!

Image of Yes to Yoga!

We were treated to a Yoga session today and we all thoroughly enjoyed our session. It was extremely relaxing and we felt so refreshed after our session. Click continue reading to see all of our relaxing photos.

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Brass concert 2024

Image of Brass concert 2024

Today we had our final brass lessons and we performed a mini concert for Year 3. The children did really well and Year 3 thoroughly enjoyed it, giving them an insight into what to expect next year. Well done on learning a new skill Year 4. 

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Exploring Trust Activities

Image of Exploring Trust Activities

The children of Poplar explored the Christian Value of Trust today. They put their trust in others hands and linked this to the events of Holy week and Easter.


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World Book Day

Image of World Book Day
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An EGGcellect EGGsperiment

Image of An EGGcellect EGGsperiment
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Terrific Teeth

Image of Terrific Teeth

Today we learned about the different types of teeth we have. We used a mirror to look at our teeth and also ate some biscuit to see which teeth we used whilst chewing. We were then given a challenge to see how it felt when we only used our front incisor teeth to chew on our biscuit, we all agreed…

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Poplar Digestive System Investigation

Image of Poplar Digestive System Investigation
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Digestive system modelling

Image of Digestive system modelling

Today we used equipment to model the digestive system. It wa lots of fun and very messy but it helped us to remember the names of the body parts and organs involved in the process of digestion. 


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