Pizza Pizza!

Image of Pizza Pizza!

As part of Lent, Mrs Hodgson is teaching us new skills. This week we learned how to make pizza. It was great fun and we got to eat it afterwards! We've heard a rumour that next week, we are making scones!

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Year 6 Rock World Book Day!

Image of Year 6 Rock World Book Day!
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World Book Day Tamarisk

Image of World Book Day Tamarisk
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World Book Day Poplar

Image of World Book Day Poplar

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Brilliant Board Games

Image of Brilliant Board Games

In English, we have been learning how to write instructions. We designed our own board game, then we wrote instructions for it. We then tested our instructions by playing our board games with a partner. It was lots of fun and we all did a great job at writing clear, easy to follow…

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Rock and Roll in year 3.

Image of Rock and Roll in year 3.

In Science this term, year 3 are investigating rocks, soil and fossils. Today we have been classifying rocks by type into igneous or sedimentary. We also found a fun way to pretend different chocolates and cakes were rocks and sort them into igneous and sedimentary too. “Angel cake is…

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The science ambassadors visit Reception

Image of The science ambassadors visit Reception

Written by Apple Class Science Ambassadors

In Reception on the 8th of February the Year 5 Science ambassadors went over to help om Reception with the Gingerbread man pathway. When they walked in, they saw a Giant's footprint. They measured the footprints with rulers, sequins, gluesticks and…

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Packaging investigators

Image of Packaging investigators

In DT this term, we are exploring packaging with the intention to create our own Easter egg packaging. In our lesson this week, we investigated existing Easter egg packaging and explored what materials they were made from as well as how they held their egg in place. 

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Year 6 Science at AKS

Image of Year 6 Science at AKS

The science afternoons provided by AKS have been a real hit with year six children over the past half term. The children have taken part in an afternoon of physics and biology led by the AKS professors. They have learnt to build intricate electrical circuits and use a microscope to identify cells…

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Safer internet day

Image of Safer internet day

On Tuesday, it was Safer Internet Day. Year 3 learned about the SMART rules for keeping safe online and made posters to help us remember them. 

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Year 2 Micro Habitats around School

Image of Year 2 Micro Habitats around School

Year 2 went on a mini beast hunt to see who is living at school. Please click here to see more photos and some excellent work. 

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Capacity in Maths

Image of Capacity in Maths

In Maths, we have been learning about capacity. We had a fun filled practical session where the children measured different volumes of water. 


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