Random Acts of Kindness!

This really brightened up my day!

Thank you Isabelle. 

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Year Six Learn All About Pompeii!

In English, we are studying non-fiction texts.

This week, we have learned about the eruption of Mount Vesuvius at Pompeii.

A Year Six learner has written a speech in the form of verse - to try to persuade the people of Pompeii to leave!

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Year Six Learn About Blood!

Year Six have been working on Non-Chronological report writing this week. We have recalled all the features of this genre and have also mixed our English work with some Science to learn all about blood!

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Year 6 Seder Plate Designs

Beautiful Seder Plates designed by talented Year 6 artists

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Year Six Study the Mysterious Maya

Over the last few weeks, Year Six have been learning all about the Maya; an ancient civilisation from Central America. The topic will continue after half-term. Here is a display of the work that Year Six Learners have produced.

Well done Year Six!

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Year 6 Meet Ice Maiden Sophie Montagne!

This morning Year 6 had a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet a real life Polar Explorer Sophie Montagne. The children zoomed from home and school and asked Sophie many questions about her incredible adventure. Thank you Sophie!

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Medusa Montage

Year 6 Home Learners have chosen three completely different media

to create their Medusa designs. 

Can you identify how each picture has been produced? 

Some wonderfully creative ideas Year 6 - WELL DONE!

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Magnificent Medusa!

Year Six were given the task of producing a picture of Medusa.

We have had some amazing results, like this one from Holly.

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Thank you Captain Sir Tom Moore

Milly has produced a fabulous poster telling us all about our National Hero Captain Sir Tom Moore who sadly passed away last Tuesday.

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Themes Within a Story

Year Six carefully examined the Greek Myth 'Persephone and the Pomegranate Seeds.'

We looked for themes within the story.

In class, we found 16 different themes and layers.

Each learner chose some to write about and to explain their place in the story.

Here is a good example of our…

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Well done Ethan Nicholas! A fabulous Jewish Seder plate!

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Symmetry in Art

A fabulous symmetrical Mayan Mask Oliver. An excellent example of how to incorporate Maths into Art.

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