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19 July 2022

Bee PowerPoints

As part of our ICT unit we have been learning how to make PowerPoints. We used our English notes on bees to help us create a PowerPoint all about bees. Today we showed the rest of our class our PowerPoints and which transitions and animations we had chosen. 

18 July 2022

Keeping cool in the heatwave

Today, Mrs Croston brought in 2 little paddling pools for us to have some water play and keep cool. First we tried making paper boats. Then we had a raft building competition using multi link cubes. We all had some very innovative ideas! 

18 July 2022

Shadow investigation

Today we took advantage of the sunshine and completed our shadow investigation. We wanted to answer the question, “How do our shadows change throughout the day.” We all wrote our predictions and then went outside to trace around the shape of our partner’s shadow 3 times thr...

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