Hello and welcome to Year Four 2023/24.



Our PE days are Tuesdays and Thursdays. Please come into school in your PE kit.



In Year four we are lucky to learn how to play a brass instrument.  Music is a Monday and instruments MUST be in school for the lesson.



MyMaths will be set weekly. There will also be an alternating English and Maths piece of homework each week. This may sometimes be replaced with a piece of topic work. Children will write their homework in their planners. 

Welcome to Poplar Class

We have had a busy but fun filled start to the year.  Poplar is a wonderful class of 30 children, taught by Miss Anderson.

Take a look at the Blog page for photos of things we are doing.





Year 4 Poplar

Miss C. Anderson

Miss C. Anderson

Class Teacher

Welcome to our class page!

Tamarisk are a lovely class made up of 30 children, our teacher is Mrs Byrne.

We are enjoying being back in school - please look at the Blog page for some recent photos of the things we get up to.


Year 4 Tamarisk

Mrs C. Byrne

Mrs C. Byrne

Class Teacher

Welcome to our class page!

Cherry Class are a lovely class made up of 30 children. Our teachers are Mrs. Irving and Mrs. Croston.

It feels good to be back at school, seeing our friends, learning and playing together again. 

Take a look at our Blog page for some recent photos of the things we have been up to.



Year 4 Cherry

Mrs C. Irving

Mrs C. Irving

Class Teacher

Mrs L. Croston

Mrs L. Croston

Class Teacher





Please find below the spellings for the complete Summer Term in Year Four. (We will not complete the last week of the Spring spellings)

Spelling tests commence the week beginning 17th April 2023


Due to timetabling, Cherry class have their spelling test on a Monday.  Tamarisk and Poplar classes will have their spelling test on a Wednesday.


Group A - Summer 1

Group A - Summer 2


Group B - Summer 1

Group B - Summer 2


Group C - Summer 1

Group C - Summer 2

Please click here to see our timetable.

Your child should have brought home a reading book from school.

Planners will be checked each Tuesday, where your child should have one signature to confirm they have read once.

Planners will also be checked each Friday and should have a further two signatures to confirm they have read on two further ocassions.

If you child would like additional reading, they can access Bug Club.  Passwords have been provided in their Home Learning Folder.

Dear Parents,

In the summer term 2023, the national multiplication times tables check will take place for all children in Year 4. The purpose of the check is to determine whether your child can fluently recall their times tables up to 12, which is essential for future success in mathematics. It will also help your child’s school to identify if your child may need additional support.


What is the multiplication tables check?

It is an on-screen check consisting of 25 times table questions. Your child will be able to answer 3 practice questions before taking the actual check. They will then have 6 seconds to answer each question. On average, the check should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

What if my child cannot access the check?

There are several access arrangements available for the check, these can be used to support pupils with specific needs. Your child’s teacher will ensure that the access arrangements are appropriate for your child before they take the check in June. The check has been designed so that it is inclusive and accessible to as many children as possible, including those with special educational needs or disability (SEND) or English as an additional language (EAL). However, there may be some circumstances in which it will not be appropriate for a pupil to take the check, even when using suitable access arrangements. If you have any concerns about your child accessing the check, you should discuss this with your child’s headteacher. There is no pass mark for the check.

Please continue to practise times tables with your child, ideally little and often.

All children have a login in to Timestables Rockstars which is an online, fun game where children earn coins the more questions they get correct so that they can update their avatar. They are able to play against classmates as well as challenging other children in school. This has been popular in Year 4.

Another great free website to practice on is mathsframe.  This is presented in a very similar way to the actual test. 

Further information can be found by clicking on this link https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/multiplication-tables-check-information-for-parents

Thank you for your continued support,

The Year 4 team

Please rehearse this piece of music.

Hot Cross Buns (click here)

Mr Cool (click here)

We Will Rock You (click here)

Barefoot Boogie (click here)

Building Blox (click here)

Click here for the Autumn 1 Half Term Overview.

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Click here for the Spring 1 Half Term Overview.

Click here for the Spring 2 Half term Overview.

Click here for the Summer 1 Half Term Overview.

Click here for the Summer 2 Half Term Overview. 

Multiplication Check

At the end of Year 4, the children will complete a statutory multiplication check. Please click on the link below to find out further information.

Multiplication Check Information for parents.


Throughout the year, we will be providing the children with a variety of methods, strategies and opportunities for learning their times tables, and we are sure you will be working on them at home too. 


Here are some websites where you can practise your skills!




Can you beat your score?


Are you ready?

Are you ready to complete your Multiplication Check? To get started, click here

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