Coronation Celebration!

Image of Coronation Celebration!
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Image of Rugby

This term in PE we are learning the skills to play rugby. We had a great time practising different drills and learning the basic skills to be able to play rugby. 

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Captain Jodi Gaston-Ross visits Heyhouses!

Image of Captain Jodi Gaston-Ross visits Heyhouses!

Captain Jodi, a doctor in the British Army, and a former Heyhouses student, spent the day with us on Friday 24th March as part of our Science Week.
In assembly, she gave a presentation to the Junior children about how studying sciences at school contributed to her building a career as a doctor…

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Our Easter Egg Boxes

Image of Our Easter Egg Boxes

In DT this half term, we have been learning about packaging. We have designed our own Easter Egg boxes, thinking about what materials we could use. We thought about the packaging inside our boxes that would protect our special Easter treats. These are our final products, we will be bringing them…

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Science Week

Image of Science Week

We have had a great time during Science week in Year 3. We have made a rainbow in our classrooms and we excavated fossils (chocolate chip cookies). We had a visit from our governor and author Dr Sheila Kanani who has inspired us to look into careers in science. We have also exploded volcanoes in…

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Once Upon a Time

Image of Once Upon a Time

We had a wonderful time on our ' Once Upon a Time' day. We loved coming into school in our 'traditional tales ' costumes. We had a fantastic day filled with fun activities. We went on a gingerbread man hunt, performed a science experiment to see which solutions dissolved or didn't dissolve a…

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Edible Soil Pots

Image of Edible Soil Pots

In Science this week, we were learning about the different layers that make up a soil profile. We drew a diagram in our books and then we made an edible soil pot using yummy ingredients. We used oreos for the bedrock, crushed up oreos for the subsoil, cereal broken up for the topsoil and then…

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Year 6 Girls Football Day

Image of Year 6 Girls Football Day

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Girls Football in Year 1

Image of Girls Football in Year 1

We had a great time on Thursday when the girls were treated to a special football session. This is a national incentive in order to encourage more girls to play football. 

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Girls Football

Image of Girls Football

The girls in Year 2 had a super extra football session on Thursday 9th March. They learned to pass, dribble and had a great time. 

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Simply Scrumptious Shortbread

Image of Simply Scrumptious Shortbread

Today during assembly we learned how to make shortbread. As part of Lent we are learning new skills. After assembly, Mrs Townsend took each class to make our own shortbread biscuits. We then got to eat them afterwards, they were delicious! Ask us if we can remember what 3 ingredients we needed to…

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An EGGciting EGGsperiment!

Image of An EGGciting EGGsperiment!

During our science lessons, we have been learning about teeth. We know the different types of teeth and also what they are made up of. 

We decided to investigate the effects that different liquids have on the enamel of our teeth. Here are the results after a week.

Some of the eggs (that…

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