Science Competition Winner

Image of Science Competition Winner

Well done to our Junior competition winner who has won a copy of Sheila Kanani's 'Are There Rainbows in Space' Book. 

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MAD Science

Image of MAD Science

We had a really fun assembly when MAD Science visited us. They showed us lots of amazing sound tricks and made lots of noise! Some of the children will be attending the MAD Science after school clubs starting on Tuesdays after half term. 

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Science Week

Image of Science Week

We have had a great time during Science week in Year 3. We have made a rainbow in our classrooms and we excavated fossils (chocolate chip cookies). We had a visit from our governor and author Dr Sheila Kanani who has inspired us to look into careers in science. We have also exploded volcanoes in…

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Rock and Roll in year 3.

Image of Rock and Roll in year 3.

In Science this term, year 3 are investigating rocks, soil and fossils. Today we have been classifying rocks by type into igneous or sedimentary. We also found a fun way to pretend different chocolates and cakes were rocks and sort them into igneous and sedimentary too. “Angel cake is…

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The science ambassadors visit Reception

Image of The science ambassadors visit Reception

Written by Apple Class Science Ambassadors

In Reception on the 8th of February the Year 5 Science ambassadors went over to help om Reception with the Gingerbread man pathway. When they walked in, they saw a Giant's footprint. They measured the footprints with rulers, sequins, gluesticks and…

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Year 2 Micro Habitats around School

Image of Year 2 Micro Habitats around School

Year 2 went on a mini beast hunt to see who is living at school. Please click here to see more photos and some excellent work. 

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Marvellous Magnets

Image of Marvellous Magnets

In Year 3 Science, we tested different materials to see whether they were magnetic. First we picked different objects around the room, then we predicted whether they would be magnetic. Then the fun part, we tested them with magnets. Finally we wrote our own conclusions to show what we had found. 

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Science in Action

Image of Science in Action

The children were intrigued by the ice that had formed in the playground equipment. Mrs Wynne asked what would happen if they took the ice inside the classroom. The children decided to put it on the radiator. This is what the children said about it 

“Now it’ll warm up and melt.”

“It’ll melt…

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Friction investigation in Year 3

Image of Friction investigation in Year 3

In Science in Year 3 we have started our new topic Forces and Magnets. Today, we investigated which surface had the least friction. We gave the children some equipment and they thought of how to make a fair test. They worked as a group to measure how far the car travelled along different…

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Year 3 Fitness in Science

Image of Year 3 Fitness in Science

In Science this term, our topic is health and nutrition. We are measuring our fitness and investigating if we can improve our own fitness over time. We have measurable activities such as counting skipping and speed jumps to see if we can improve our score each time we do it. 

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Year 4 Science in Autumn

Image of Year 4 Science in Autumn

Year 4 children have typed up their own Science Blog about the activities they have completed during the Autumn term. Please CLICK HERE to read it, there are lots of lovely photos to see as well. 

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