Music Maestro!

Image of Music Maestro!

Year Four have been given their brass instruments today!

The children have a selection of trumpets, cornets, baritones and trombones. 

Welcome to our 9 Poplar Trombone players! 


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Mini Beast Hunting

Image of Mini Beast Hunting

Poplar had the task of searching the school grounds for a variety of invertebrates today. 

We thought about the type of habitats we could find these creatures in.

We then classified the creatures that we found and considered why they liked their habitat. 

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Image of Tangrams

In Maths today we were exploring Tangrams. Tangrams are ancient Chinese puzzles. We cut up shapes and arranged them to make different pictures. 

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Year 3 Charter

Image of Year 3 Charter

Today, we celebrated our year in Year 3 by having our charter assembly outside. We were all congratulated on our hard work through a very tricky year and were given certificates. We took lots of photos, we hope you enjoy looking at them. 

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Race for Life

Image of Race for Life

Today we completed our Race for Life. Even though it was raining, we all did really well and managed to complete the circuit. We had to run 5 times around the junior site and collect a cube on each lap. Some of us managed to run 12 times round. Thank you for all your sponsorship. If you would like…

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Cricket indoors

Image of Cricket indoors

Today it was rather wet so we enjoyed our cricket indoors. We split into 4 teams and rotated round the hall doing different activities. It was lots of fun, we particularly enjoyed the wobble cushions. 

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Cracking cricket

Image of Cracking cricket

We had a super cricket session on Monday. The children showed some great teamwork. One of the games was to hit 3 balls off tees as quickly as we could and then get as many runs as we could. Meanwhile the rest of our team were fielding and trying to get the balls and tees back as quickly as…

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Handwriting champions

Image of Handwriting champions

These children have been working really hard recently to get their pen license. Their practise has paid off and they all achieved their pen license today! Their reaction to getting it was priceless and their smiles show how happy they were. Well done, you are all super stars.

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Home learning heroes

Image of Home learning heroes

Here we will be uploading all of our amazing achievements and work for this week while you are at home. We will add to it each day. Enjoy 

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Year 3 Sports Day

Image of Year 3 Sports Day

We have had a fantastic morning for our Sports Day. The children were fantastic and gave it their all. First we completed 10 sprint races. Then we did our class relays. Then we spent the rest of the morning travelling around in our Houses to get as many points as possible for our House. Each…

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Euros 2020 homework

Image of Euros 2020 homework

Last week, the children picked countries out of a pot to follow during The Euros 2020. They have been so enthusiastic at following their country and filling in the scores on our table. We set the homework to find out about their country and create a poster. A few children have finished theirs…

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We’re bowled over!

Image of We’re bowled over!

We had our second week of cricket with Danny, it was so much fun, we practised our windmill bowling, our batting off a high tee, batting into a goal and our catching skills with a partner. Click continue reading to see some more photos. 

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