Minibeast Hunt in Year 4

Image of Minibeast Hunt in Year 4

This week in Science we completed a minibeast hunt on our school grounds. We created a tally of how many minibeasts we spotted. 

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Year 2 and 3 Buddy Day

Image of Year 2 and 3 Buddy Day

Today, Year 2 and Year 3 had their Buddy afternoon. We worked together with our buddies in small teams and completed a treasure hunt with a mathematical theme. After this we had a lovely, cool drink of juice and a biscuit. We then were able to have a play on our playground with our buddies. It was…

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Year 3 Charter

Image of Year 3 Charter

Today Year 3 performed their charter assembly for parents. We shared our experiences from Year 3, performed a Kata and sang songs beautifully. We have all had a great year in Year 3 and our teachers are very proud of us. Thank you to parents for all your support, we will miss the children but we…

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Year 3 Fun Day

Image of Year 3 Fun Day

We have had a great day for our Year 3 Fun Day. We have had cricket with Bobby, then Mrs Townsend and Mr Wilson invited us to a campfire. We toasted some marshmallows and had exploring time outside. We were able to use the big tipi as well. This afternoon we were den building. What a great day we…

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Day and Night in Science

Image of Day and Night in Science

In Science this week, we learned about why we have day and night. We made models to show how the Earth spins on it's axis and this causes day and night. We also talked about time differences between countries and looked up some countries and their times on a big map. 


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Sports Day for Year 3 and 4

Image of Sports Day for Year 3 and 4

We had a great time on Sports Day. Year 3 and 4 teams worked really well together and all children had lots of fun.

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Drumming in Year 3

Image of Drumming in Year 3

We had a super (and very noisy) time drumming on Thursday. We learned some songs that we had to sing along to the beat. We then each got a drum to copy the beat. It was so much fun!

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Circus Skills in Beech

Image of Circus Skills in Beech

We had a great time with Mark from Education Group who came in to teach us some circus skills. We learned to balance, juggle and aim. 

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Religious Education in year 3

Image of Religious Education in year 3

As part of our year 3 R.E curriculum, some children volunteered to interview Mrs Hodgson. 

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Mad Festival Week 1

Image of Mad Festival Week 1

We've had a very busy week in Year 3 doing lots of lovey art activities inspired by some of the best musicals, ballets and pieces of music. 

We have looked at the lion king and completed a sunset picture. We also know the story of Swan Lake and produced some beautiful oil pastel pictures as…

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Beech Bee Assembly

Image of Beech Bee Assembly

We had a great time performing our bee assembly for our parents. We all said our lines beautifully and very clearly with big loud voices. Mrs Croston and Mrs Tate were very proud of us all.

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Pollination in Science

Image of Pollination in Science

We acted out the process of pollination during our Science lesson today.

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