Stir up Sunday

Image of Stir up Sunday

Today we had a lovely treat. Mrs Hodgson had been telling us about stir up Sunday in our assembly and this afternoon we helped her make a Christmas cake. We helped weigh out the ingredients and then everyone had a stir and made a wish. 

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Word class detectives

Image of Word class detectives

Today in English we have started our new Legends topic. We read the story of St George and the Dragon and then used an extract from the story to highlight powerful verbs, adverbs and adjectives. We worked really well in pairs. 

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We’ve got worms!

Image of We’ve got worms!

We’ve had a very exciting time this week when we got some new classmates! In WAH we made our very own worm farm. Felicity is our Eco-warrior and is doing a great job of looking after them. She’s pointing out a worm above. 

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Geography map symbols

Image of Geography map symbols

In geography this week, we have been looking at map symbols and their meanings. We played a matching pairs game in small groups. We then used a map of our local area to spot different map symbols and copy them down into our books. 

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Roman Day

Image of Roman Day


We had such fun on Roman Day. Our costumes looked amazing. We learned some Latin, we built Roman Villas from Lego and we designed our own Banquet using some strange Roman dishes. Have a look at our photos. 

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Hockey in Year 3

Image of Hockey in Year 3

Today in PE we practised our hockey skills. We are getting really good at controlling the ball with our sticks and working as a team. 

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Totally Terrific Tortoises

Image of Totally Terrific Tortoises

Today, Mila and her mummy brought in their pet tortoises to show us. They are called Gertie and Ernie. The children had a fantastic time looking at them and holding them. We learned lots of super facts about tortoises. We already knew that tortoises are herbivores from our science lessons but we…

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Pen licence celebration

Image of Pen licence celebration

Today Amelia achieved her pen licence. She has been working hard on her joining and always presents her work beautifully. Well done Amelia.

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Fantastic fundraising

Image of Fantastic fundraising

Violet has been very busy over half term fundraising for Heyhouses School. She has made cookies and bracelets and sold them to friends and family and has raised £21 for our school. Thank you Violet! 

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Bonfire night safety

Image of Bonfire night safety

We have designed posters to help keep ourselves and others safe on Bonfire Night.


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PE in year 3

Image of PE in year 3

We had a great time in PE practising a variety of skills this week.

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Terrific Toga Tying

Image of Terrific Toga Tying

Today in history we had great fun! We learned about what the Romans used to wear as well as some strange facts about taking care of their hair. Did you know they used to apply bear fat and hippopotamus ashes to encourage their hair to grow? We then had a practical session of tying togas on our…

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