World Book Day Olive

Image of World Book Day Olive

Today we celebrated World Book Day. The children made a huge effort in dressing up and they all looked amazing. Click continue reading to see all the photos. 

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World Book Day Elm

Image of World Book Day Elm

We’ve had a great day for World Book Day. All the children have made a huge effort to dress up, we love their costumes. Click continue reading to see all the photos.

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World Book Day Beech

Image of World Book Day Beech

Today is World Book Day, hooray! All the children of Beech class have made a huge effort to dress up as a character from a book. Click to see more photos.

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Board game bonanza

Image of Board game bonanza

Today, we tested out our board games that we have designed and made. We evaluated our partner’s instructions using a success criteria. We had lots of fun and the games that we made were amazing!

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Rocks Rock

Image of Rocks Rock

This half term in science, we are learning about rocks and fossils. In this week’s lesson we observed lots of different rocks and sorted them by different categories such as colour, texture, size. 

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Climbing frame fun

Image of Climbing frame fun

This week in gymnastics we got the climbing frame out, hooray! 
The children all had a brilliant time exploring the climbing frame. They listened carefully to the rules and a couple of children showed off their spidey skills by climbing to the top of the rope- a very tricky challenge.

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Super sewing

Image of Super sewing

Fliss has been working very hard crafting and recently she brought in a new game for games club. She sewed the pieces all by herself and stitched a piece of material to make a noughts and crosses game board.  She has very kindly donated this to our games club. Thank you! 

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Our very own sewing Bee

Image of Our very own sewing Bee

Amelia has wowed us today with her creative skills. She has learned how to sew and has made these beautiful bean bags which she would like to donate to our class. We used them this morning to count in different multiples for our times table lesson. Well done Amelia and thank you for the lovely…

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Illuminated letters

Image of Illuminated letters

In history this week, we were learning about Anglo Saxon writing and illuminated letters. Here are our illuminated letters for the initial of our first name. 

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Image of Capacity

We had great fun today learning about capacity in a practical way. We measured out different amounts filling and emptying the containers using blue water and talked about what we measure volume in.

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Super gymnastics

Image of Super gymnastics

Click to see more photos! Today in PE we carried on with our gymnastics unit and progressed by getting out more equipment. Our challenge was to create a sequence that started with a balance, then travel along the bench, climb on to the A frame and hold a balance on top. Then climb down and Perform…

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Games Club week 2

Image of Games Club week 2

We had our games club again on Tuesday and we have had some games donated so the children had some different games to play with. It’s great to see how well they play together and help each other understand the rules. Mila is giving everyone a chess lesson! If you have any unwanted games at home,…

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