Alice is stuck in Wonderland during lockdown!

Alice has been stuck in wonderland because of lockdown. She asked for our help performing the croquet rules.  

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Ready, Steady, GO!

Developing our skills during PE today. 

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Terrific Teeth Types

Today, we counted how many teeth we have and lined up in order of least to most. Thomas had the least with 20, Miss Anderson had the most with 32!

We learnt about the four different types of teeth and how they are all useful. We tested out using our teeth by eating an apple.

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We are Amazon Rainforest experts!

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Smiling, Sporting, Superstars!


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Look at our poems about our Christian Values!

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Measure and Multiply!

The focus for maths this week was area.

Today the children measured the length and width of these shapes, so they could calculate the area. 

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Cricket with Mr Nay

The year 4 bubble saw a tense match between the two teams this morning.

All the children joined in and loved developing their cricket skills too! 


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Question Hunt

Year four started the week by searching the playground for questions.

It was a bit chilly, but very fun! 


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Zoom brings the children together!

The year 4 children joined their live zoom sessions this afternoon. 

The children were so excited to see and hear their friends! A battle between team school and team home included a quiz on this week's learning. 

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Did the pantomime still go ahead?

The year 4 bubble waited in anticipation to see if they could watch the pantomime. 

The afternoon was filled with singing, dancing and shouting at a screen (we did have to remind Mrs Elstone that the actors couldn't really hear her shouting that it was behind them!). 

Who knew shouting at a…

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Coding Champions!

These five pupils successfully completed all levels of the coding activity today. They used a variety of algorithms to program dancing animals!

I wonder if they could program the same dance moves into Miss Anderson and Mrs Johnson? 

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