Poplar Scientists

Image of Poplar Scientists

Well done to Mila and Luke for their fantastic effort and understanding in Science throughout this term.

With the topic of electricity, they have shown outstanding and inquisitive thinking. 

Their scientific understanding and vocabulary has enabled them to be awarded with 'Scientist of the…

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Children In Need Cake Bake

Image of Children In Need Cake Bake

As part of their charter task, Year 4 were challenged with raising money through a cake bake.

Well done to Year 4! They have raised a whopping £507.13 by selling some tasty baked goods!

All their proceeds will be donated to the Children In Need Chairty. 

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Poplar Perform at Blackpool Winter Gardens

Image of Poplar Perform at Blackpool Winter Gardens

Poplar Class took to the stage and performed like professionals at Blackpool Winter Gardens. They impressed the audience with their dance based on the book Matilda. At the end of the evening, they were greeted at the stage door with cheers alongside an uproar of applause. Heyhouses are extremely…

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Fun at Fairhaven

Image of Fun at Fairhaven

Year Four had their first school trip today.

We ventured into our local area and visited the lake at Fairhaven.

There was lots of getting stuck in the mud, as we used scientific equipment to explore the muddy habitat in search of creatures. We found lots of Scrobicularias and learnt all…

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Tea and Scones

Image of Tea and Scones

As part of our Jubilee Celebrations, the children baked scones. 

They enjoyed them later in the day with some Jam and Cream!


They were fit for a Queen!

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A Fun Friday Filled With Sport!

Image of A Fun Friday Filled With Sport!

Ten children from Year Four went to AKS this morning for a Multisport event.

They participated in games of handball, foot-rounders and also practiced their standing long jump and vortex howler skills. 

The children represented Heyhouses perfectly and we are VERY proud of them. 

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Apple Class WWII Class Museum

Image of Apple Class WWII Class Museum

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Chairs On Strike!

Image of Chairs On Strike!

This morning the chairs went on strike! They quit! The children received a letter from the chairs explaining why they have quit and what can be done to get them back. 

The children used their persuasive skills to get the chairs back!  


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Spruce Class World War Two Museum

Image of Spruce Class World War Two Museum

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Thank You Matt the Dentist!

Image of Thank You Matt the Dentist!

Today Year Four had a visit from Matt the Dentist. 

We are so thankful that he chose to spend his day off with us. 

We learnt lots of interesting information about teeth and how to keep them healthy. 

Matt proved that dentists aren't that scary after all! 

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Cave paintings in our makeshift cave.

Image of Cave paintings in our makeshift cave.

We entered a Cave today and created our own art work. Some of us drew around our hands, some of us sketched animals, some of us used our fingers to smudge the chalk.

We all found it difficult to draw in the dark, with only a little light to guide us. We would never have imagined what it would…

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Smile for the Camera!

Image of Smile for the Camera!

In our Science lesson we used a plaque revealing tablet to show the importance of cleaning our teeth. 


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