Vision and Principles

At Heyhouses we believe in the importance of giving our children a firm foundation based on Christian values on which they can base their social and emotional development. We also believe that recognising the individual needs of our pupils is key to PSHE teaching and learning. 

At Heyhouses we recognise the wide range of health, social, economic and emotional needs of the children and we constantly seek to meet these needs through direct PSHE teaching, circle times, through pastoral support and 1 to 1 discussions where needed as well as through the caring ethos of the school. 

We also seek to develop our children’s ability to negotiate a changing world. This can be seen in the increasing influences they face from advances in technology. Our children need to make informed decisions and to protect themselves from potential dangers in society. 

We seek to equip our pupils with the ability to cope with health, social and emotional needs that they might develop in the future, as they move into secondary education and into adult life. Key to this is decision making and an understanding of consequences. We recognise the importance of preparing our children to make the right choices, especially in the face of peer pressure.   


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