Vision and Principles

At Heyhouses, we recognise that technology is evolving all the time. We strive to exploit the opportunities that technology brings to engage children as well as ensuring they are well equipped for a digital future.

Computing is taught across the school through weekly sessions. Pupils also have the opportunity to apply the skills they have learnt across the curriculum. We provide all pupils across the school with key computing skills such as coding and presentation. We aim to inspire children to dive into an imaginary world using this technology as a vehicle.

We take internet safety very seriously at the school. Through assemblies and lessons we ensure that all children know their rights and responsibilities and teach them how to stay safe when using the internet. We also provide a wide range of materials for parents to access to enable them to support their children and maintain their safety. 

For further details please visit our Online Safety section.

Heyhouses is proud to provide a firm foundation for all children in computing and offer the most engaging learning experiences we can using new technologies.



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