Vision and Principles

The primary art curriculum is a knowledge-based curriculum. In addition to developing their creative skills, a quality art curriculum should allow children to view and appreciate iconic works of art produced by great artists. Developing children’s knowledge of artists, works of art, styles and techniques provides a source for their creativity and is a key component in children understanding the ‘creative process’. Our curriculum provides knowledge of:

  • Key artists of the past 500 year
  • Iconic works of art
  • Art movements and styles
  • Art and colour theory
  • Key vocabulary for art and design

Through their studies the children will acquire a knowledge and understanding of significant types and styles of art.


The curriculum is a ‘mastery curriculum’. This is based on the principle that all learners should, with effective teaching and learning opportunities, not only meet the expected standard by the end of key stage 2, but also obtain a greater level of understanding so that they are able to apply their learning across a range of different contexts.


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