Dear Year 3 Parents/Carers,

If your child is self isolating, please try to complete the English and Maths work set. 




Maths 1 -Times tables


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English 1

PE try to do your pledge from Sports Week every day.


Maths 2

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English 2

Science and Reading


Maths 3

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English 3

History and Reading


Maths 4

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English 4


Art and PE


Maths 5

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English 5

Spelling, Reading and Golden Time


Reading remains a top priority for all children.  Please encourage your child to read for at least 15 minutes each day – either using Bug Club or your own books.  A reading log or diary would be super to keep too!


Please keep in touch.  Tell your children how amazing they are and how proud we are of them at this difficult time.


The Year Three Team


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