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If you are isolating at home, please take a look at the following activities which will support your child's learning. The activities provided below are split into the 7 areas of the Early Years Curriculum and can be done in any order. They mirror what we are learning in school so your child will not be missing out!.

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Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you back at school soon!

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Autumn 1

Activities For Week  3  (w/b 20th September)

Marvellous Me!


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

  • Self-confidence and self awareness - talk to others at home about your own needs, wants, interests and opinions.


Physical Development

  • Practise writing your name, forming the letters correctly. Start by tracing the letters then move to copying and finally have a go at writing it independently.
  • Strengthen fingers by playing with play dough, threading beads, making lego models.
  • CLICK HERE to dance along to a song about our bodies, our marvellous machines.



 Communication and Language

  • Learn new vocabulary about our senses.
  • Respond to simple instructions.
  • Follow and respond a simple story.



Mathematical Development

  • Join in with number rhymes and games to encourage number recognition and skills .

      CLICK HERE to listen to some counting songs.

  • Number of the week is number 2. Make groups of 2 and look for the number 2 around the home. CLICK HERE to watch Numberblocks Number 2

  • Have a look for circles, cylinders and spheres around the home.



Literacy and Phonics

  • Practise recognising the letter sounds s, a & t. Go on a hunt for things that begin with these sounds.
  • Practise forming these letters using pens, paints or drawing in sand.


Understanding the World

  • Find out about the sense of hearing. What sounds can you hear around the home? What do you like to listen to?

  • Play "guess the sound" with objects about the house.


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Draw or paint what you enjoy looking at.
  • Experiment with home made instruments. Can you make a shaker using boxes or tubes?


If you would like to celebrate anything you have achieved at home, please email any photos to your class teacher!



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