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If you are isolating at home, please take a look at the following activities which will support your child's learning. The activities provided below are split into the 7 areas of the Early Years Curriculum and can be done in any order. They cover 2 full weeks and mirror what we are learning in school so your child will not be missing out! In addition to these activities, you can also access your child's reading books through the Bug Club website.

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Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you back at school soon!

The Reception Team.


Autumn 2 - Celebrations and Birthdays

Activities For Week 4 & 5 (w/b 23rd Nov and w/b 30th Nov)


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Practise independence in getting dressed, fastening buttons, doing zips and putting on gloves etc.
  • Play party games with your family- musical statues, chairs and bumps. Play pass the parcel.
  • Discuss being a good sport- we don’t always need to win. It is important to be a good loser and also a humble winner.


Physical Development

  • Practise writing your name, forming the letters correctly.
  • Youtube children’s workouts.
  • Practise cutting out to improve scissor skills.
  • Make play dough birthday cakes- add candles and decorations.
  • Handwriting practice- practise forming new letters correctly.
  • CLICK HERE to try some Cosmic Yoga For Kids disco themed.
  • Handwriting practice - practise forming new letters correctly. CLICK HERE to go to our Supporting Your Child page where you can download a letter formation guide.


 Communication and Language

  • Play a memory game- cover objects on a tray and see how many you can remember!
  • Listen to a story without pictures. See if you can answer questions about the story.
  • Listen carefully to instructions in party games. Can the children explain to the rest of their family how to play a game?


Mathematical Development


  • Introduce the numbers 8 and 9- practise writing them, making sets of 8 and 9 objects.
  • CLICK HERE to watch Numberblocks number 8.
  • CLICK HERE to watch Numberblocks number 9.
  • How many ways can you make 8 and 9? Record the sums e.g. 4+4=8, 3+6=9.
  • Subtraction- taking away within 8 and 9.
  • Introduce 3D shapes- sphere, cube, cuboid, cone- look what things are these shapes at home.


Literacy and Phonics


  • Introducing the letter sounds l, j, v, w,x,y. See where you can spot the letters around the home. Play ‘I spy’ using the different sounds, practise writing the sounds in different ways- chalk, paint, in glitter etc.
  • Practise all the sounds learnt so far, reading and writing short words using the sounds e.g. dog, hen.
  • Introduce tricky word ‘into’ and ‘no’’- reading and writing.
  • Reading on Bug Club.
  • Stories about birthdays.


Understanding the World


  • Planning a birthday party for a toy. Make a list of what you need for the party.
  • Write and send invitations to other toys.
  • Make a birthday cake for your toy- help to measure the ingredients. How will you decorate your cake? How many candles will you need?
  • Make jelly to have at your party- discuss the way jelly changes as it dissolves.
  • Have a birthday party for your toys.
  • Read the Nativity story- discuss how it is Jesus’ birthday.

Expressive Arts and Design


  • Make birthday cards and presents for your toy.
  • Print wrapping paper (repeating patterns) to wrap toys.
  • Make cone party hats.
  • Do some party dances- hokey cokey, Superman, Music Man.
  • CLICK HERE to practise singing nursery rhymes and counting songs.


If you would like to celebrate anything you have achieved at home, please email any photos to your class teacher!

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