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If you are isolating at home, please take a look at the following activities which will support your child's learning. The activities provided below are split into the 7 areas of the Early Years Curriculum and can be done in any order. They cover 2 full weeks and mirror what we are learning in school so your child will not be missing out! In addition to these activities, you can also access your child's reading books through the Bug Club website.

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Thanks for your continued support and we hope to see you back at school soon!

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Spring 2 - Superheroes

Activities For Week 3 (w/b 8th March)

Real Life Superheroes


Personal, Social and Emotional Development


  • Practise independence in getting dressed, fastening buttons, doing zips and putting on gloves etc.
  • Can you be a helping hero? What can you help your family with around the house?



Physical Development

  • Practise writing your full name, forming the letters correctly.
  • CLICK HERE to try some superhero Cosmic Yoga For Kids.
  • Handwriting practice - practise forming all letters correctly.
  • Can you do firefighter training- pretend to slide down the pole, put on your kit and race to the fire. What can you use to put the fire out? What could you use as a hose? Do you need to climb and rescue anyone?




 Communication and Language


  • Talk about the different jobs we have found out about this week. What other jobs are there? What jobs do your parents have? What would you like to be when you grow up?


Mathematical Development


  • Introduce the number 19. CLICK HERE to watch a maths starter. Introduce the number 19. Practise counting out 19 objects and reading and writing the number. Look at the different ways of making 19 (e.g. 10 + 9 = 19, 14 + 5 = 19 etc.)
  • CLICK HERE to watch Numberblocks number 19.
  • Practise saying 1 more or 1 less than a number.
  • Subtraction. Practise doing take away sums within 20. Have a go at subtracting by crossing out, physically moving objects away and counting back from the first number using your fingers. Have a go at the sheet below, working out the answers by counting back.
  • 2D shapes. CLICK HERE to watch a 2D shape lesson. Can you make a picture using the different 2D shapes?
  • Try the number activities attached below- Superhero subtraction and counting back to subtract.


Literacy and Phonics


  • We have learnt all the phase 3 tricky sounds now! Watch one of the phonics lessons on YouTube, recapping the sounds and word building. Have a go at writing some of the words in the videos yourselves.
  • Go on a word hunt with post its around the house or garden and read the words. See if you can read words with all our new tricky phase 3 sounds in.
  • Practise all the letter sounds learnt so far, reading and writing short words using the sounds e.g. shop, ring.
  • Practise reading and writing all the tricky words - Itothegonointo, he, she, we, me, be, you, they.
  • Reading on Bug Club.
  • Plan a superhero story. Think about who your main character will be, where the setting of the story is, what the problem will be and how it will be resolved for the ending. Complete the sheet below to plan your story- next week we will be using it to write a story.


Understanding the World



  • Real Life Heroes. Look at the powerpoint below for an introduction to real life heroes.
  • CLICK HERE to find out about what doctors do in a Let's Play episode.
  • CLICK HERE to find out about the day in the life of a firefighter.
  • Draw a picture of a real life hero (sheet below) and write a sentence about what they do to help.
  • Can you find out more about your favourite real life hero?
  • Your mum is a real life hero! What does she do to help you? Can you make a Mothers’ Day card for your mum?
  • R.E. Stories Jesus told. Explain that Jesus told stories to teach about God and about how we should be. Tell the children the story of The Lost Coin or CLICK HERE to watch it on YouTube.


Expressive Arts and Design


  • Can you pretend to be a real life hero? You could role play being a doctor and make your teddies better. You could pretend to be a police officer solving a crime or a firefighter rescuing teddies from a fire and putting it out. We would love to see photos or videos!
  • Can you make a fire engine with boxes, lego or anything else?
  • CLICK HERE to practise singing nursery rhymes and counting songs.
  • CLICK HERE to listen to and join in with some Fireman Sam songs.

If you would like to celebrate anything you have achieved at home, please email any photos to your class teacher!










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