In a world where school children as young as 4 years old are able to use a wide range of mobile devices it is vital that we teach our children how to keep safe when using these devices online.

Our Curriculum at Heyhouses supports children staying safe whilst accessing the world-wide web aswell as communicating via various social media sites.  However, we feel it is very important for all parents/carers to keep up to date with the ever changing world of technology to ensure  we all play our part in keeping our children safe. Just when you feel you have learnt about one App or program another becomes popular. To help you with this task we have put together a set of links to resources with advice on how to keep safe when using the internet.

Don't forget it isn't just your child's online safety you need to think about- if you do online banking or shopping you need to make sure that your personal details are secure too to avoid online fraud.


Click here for CEOP

The Children's Safeguarding Assurance Partnership has a page to support safeguarding online. Please click here to visit their website. 

e-Safety Policy

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